a late introduction !!! better late then never !

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a late introduction !!! better late then never !

Post by Chichiao on Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:10 am

yaaaaa my introduction is here !! the mighty chichiao ruler of world of my own petsite ( but >...> thats why we arn't here! ).

I'm a 20year, around 1m 65 old freelancer that loves .. but also loves to draw creatures !!! and I hug all !!!! from cute pig to cute cat cause in my world everything is cute. I will be drawing for Phazoria cause raka asked me, things I will be drawing are pets and challengers.

programs I use for my drawings: photoshop, paint shop pro 7, animation shop, image ready, illustrator, indesign( although I do not draw in this)

i drew since I was hmmmm 15? on the computer ! with a mouse ! so people with a mouse there is still a future !! a tablet doesn't mean you can't start drawing. I only started drawing with a tablet around a year and half back. and >...> its a volito so this means the very basic one ^^.

pets I own are 1turtle and 1cat ! Very Happy. (I do have to say I'm allergic to cats >...>)

thats about it ^^, I hope I gove a nice introduction with a lot of blablablabla cause I love to blablabla.

oooh my deviantart account is :here


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