Graphic Designer Guidelines

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Graphic Designer Guidelines

Post by Stark on Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:19 pm

{ this position is paid }
*please post your applications in a brand new topic!!!!

Interested in becoming a graphic designer, huh? Well then, do you think you have what it takes for you to become a Phazoria artist? Just fill out the form below, and post a new topic about it. Questions? Reply to this topic, then.

Short Biography:
Examples of your Work:
Reason for Applying:
US. Dollars or Site Currency?:

If you plan on becoming a graphic designer, and use brushes, stock photos, and such that you have NOT created yourself, please ask the resource creators if you are able to use them for MUSE graphic design projects. If a resource creator states clearly that their works may not be used in commercial images/projects, do NOT use them in the images you make for MUSE!. Thanks.

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